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A Sprinkle of Warmth

Workouts & Wellness

Workout Roster

March’s Workouts: Days 21-31 Better late than never!

March’s Workouts: Day 17-20 Jogs, core & a challenging lunge day.

March’s Workouts: Days 13-16 Four run & core workouts.

March’s Workouts: Days 9-12 The next four workouts of the program.

March’s Workout: Day 5-8 Four workouts with no needed equipment.

March’s Workout: Days 1-4 The first 4 workouts of the month.

March’s Workout Program: Runner Prime A 31 day exercise program.

February’s Run & Air Squats No equipment needed.

February’s Core Blaster Jog & core. A gentler workout.

February’s Cindy Workout Tougher than it looks.

February’s Well Rounded Little bit of everything in this workout.

February’s Chipper WOD Getting better at those burpees!

February’s Baseline Baseline workout with row and presses for warm-up.

Full Body Sprint Last workout of the month! Yeah January!

Three x Four Under 20 minute workout. Push-presses included.

Body Weight WOD Involves a mat & rings. Three rounds of 10s.

The Run Sandwich Treadmill, pull-up bar, and away we go!

Run & Air Squats A very pleasant workout keeping heart rate high.

10 To 1 An under 15 min workout. Requires only a simple weight.

Cindy A 20 minute workout.

Core Blaster A workout combining treadmill with core work.

Chipper A moderately difficult workout involving burpees.

Baseline An under 12 min workout that establishes your fitness baseline.

Well Rounded An under 30 min workout that can be done at home.

Chelsea Workout set using: Pull-ups, push-ups, squats.

Jack A crossfit workout: box jumps, push-press, KB swings.

20 Minute Home Workout At home workout using 4 exercises.

12 Days of Christmas A Christmas workout using 12 exercises.

Workout of the Day 20 minute workout. Pull-up, push-up, step-up.

Workout: April 14 At home workout: run, swings & shoulder press.

800m & Deadlifts Running & weights for this workout.

Jog, Step-ups & Squat Workout No equipment needed outdoor workout.

Workout Challenges

12 Days of Christmas WOD A challenge incorporating 12 exercises.

CINDY 20 Minute AMRAP Three exercises, 20 minutes & a weighted vest.

CrossFit Open Workout 23.1 Difficult 14 minute challenge.


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