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Siiri's Blog

A Sprinkle of Warmth

About Me


My blog is a personal journal that I have created for our daughter, serving as a timeless repository for some of our favorite family recipes, my profound love for the great outdoors, and a myriad of other odds-and-ends that encapsulate the essence of life.

During my childhood, I was an athlete on the Canadian National Team, specializing in rhythmic gymnastics, and spent countless hours training in the gym and competing on a global scale. Armed with a Bachelor of Education degree with a focus on physical education, I leveraged my skills to excel in my early career as a coach, followed by the rewarding role of a devoted homeschooling mother.

The Gardens & the Great Outdoors

My passion for gardening was ignited during my childhood years, where I was fortunate enough to witness my parents’ unwavering devotion to the craft. While my mother tended to the delicate flowerbeds, my father immersed himself in the process of nurturing seeds, seedlings, and vegetables. Despite residing in the city, we were able to create a makeshift hothouse in our modest backyard, which served as the epicenter of our gardening adventures. Under my father’s skilled guidance, we carefully planted seeds, tended to the fragile seedlings, and diligently watered, vented, heated, and coaxed our botanical companions into existence.

Our Monday-to-Friday routines were left behind each weekend, as we made our way to our little island cottage, where the flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and berry bushes became my weekend universe. The freedom to roam barefoot in the grass, amidst the towering trees and thriving gardens was an unrivaled experience that continues to resonate with me to this day.

Physical Well-Being

My childhood was heavily influenced by the significance of physical activity, thanks in large part to my mother’s pioneering efforts to bring rhythmic gymnastics to Canada. As early as three years old, I was accompanying my mother to her various gymnastics classes, and what started as a casual recreational activity eventually evolved into a grueling and demanding competitive pursuit. Countless hours of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice ultimately culminated in the honor of representing my country on the Canadian National Team, a distinction that I will always cherish.

Though I retired from competitive gymnastics many years ago, I found myself yearning for the physical challenges and rewards that come with regular exercise. Now, decades later, I delight in the simple joys of stretching, weightlifting, leisurely walks, jogging, and engaging in workouts that invigorate my entire being – body, mind, and soul. The lessons I learned during my formative years have instilled in me a deep appreciation for the power of physical movement and its ability to promote holistic well-being.


Growing up in a three-generation home, I was blessed to enjoy the mouth-watering culinary creations of my grandmother. What impressed me the most was that she never measured anything, didn’t own a cookbook, nor did she have written recipes; her culinary skills were purely from experience, feel, and memory. Unfortunately, as a child, I took all this for granted, leaving most of her recipes undocumented.

Now, as an adult, I am striving to make amends for my earlier oversight by compiling our own family’s favorite dishes. While these recipes do not rival the complexity and sophistication of my grandmother’s, they are intentionally simple, nutritious, and, most importantly, loved by my family.

My daughter baked me a birthday cake.
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