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Spelling City

Spelling City is a fun website which provides a number of features to help children with their English language spelling skills.

Key Features

  • spelling lists
  • grade level or subject specific vocabulary word lists
  • personalized vocabulary
  • definitions
  • use of words in sentences
  • tons of games using your specific vocabulary words
  • testing your vocabulary words
  • immediate feedback
  • free printables

Use an Existing Spelling List

The website has a thousand spelling lists available for immediate use. You can choose spelling lists by grade level, by subject matter, or even ones which have been created by other student.

Examples of grade appropriate spelling lists available & ready to use:

Examples of lists compiled from novels & subjects:

Or Create your own Spelling List

Creating a personalized spelling list for your child has many benefits. You know exactly where your child is in his or her spelling abilities and you can gradually build upon their skills. Perhaps your child has a list of words they should be learning, from a curriculum or school, and practicing is in order. In either case, personally chosen words can be entered individually or in batches. Definitions can also be custom selected.

Personalize your spelling words and type them into the provided slots:

Love of Learning

The Activities

Using your list of words, they are all set to go for use in various activities which are full of fun practice. Below are just a few examples of what learning looks like in Spelling City:

[A] Cat & Mouse – Hang Mouse (a favorite of ours)
[B] Practice & Testing
[C] Racing Speedy Speller
[E] Flash Card Activity
[D] Word Search and Word Find

*Screenshots from Spelling City website.

Spelling City is a free educational site I highly recommend. Upon registration, you get a couple of weeks free access to the premium version as well. The site is an award winner and most importantly… kid approved!

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