Let children be active, engaged, and learn a little something while they are at home during the Corona virus.

You might not think geography is fun, but this website might just change your mind! The website has several different ability levels for your child to progress through while learning local, national, and world geography.

Example of Level I Play

Canadian provinces and territories

The game names a province and the child has several tries to click on the right one. Competitive children will love the fact that scores and time are listed immediately after the challenge.

Once the child is feeling successful at a certain level, they can increase the difficulty. There are usually four levels of difficulty with some challenges going up to eight levels of difficulty.

Example of Level II Play

Continents & Oceans

Here the children are not just clicking on the map, but need to drag and drop the state, province, or country to the correct spot on the map. Once completed, the map is colourful and children can once again look up their scores if they so choose.

A Multitude of Difficulty Levels

Level II Play: Capital Cities of Africa

The game says and spells out a capital city, and children are to click on the corresponding country. This is an example where the game can be a challenge at every level of knowledge!

Level III Play: Middle Eastern Countries

Notice how in Level III the country outlines are gone as opposed to level II! A country is presented, in this case Jordan, and without outlines the child is to drag and drop the country onto the map. I’m going to practice right after I finish writing this post 😉

Rivers too!

South American Rivers

In addition to continents, countries, and states, the game has options for identifying rivers!

*All screenshots are from the Sheppard Software game.

Sheppard Software makes great fun of geography: http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/Geography.htm

Have a safe and blessed day!