Perfect Cold Weather Meal

Hot Pot is a traditional Chinese meal which reminds me of French fondue in some ways.

The presentation is similar; a communal meal around a simmering pot in the center of the table. Best served with company, there are a variety of food choices to include in your next Hot Pot dinner. Unlimited vegetables, meats, seafood, tofu, dumplings, and noodles are delicious when taken out of the broth and enjoyed with a variety of sauces.

Family Favorite Ingredients

  • Napa cabbage (locally grown) We add the Napa cabbage early on, since it adds a delicious sweetness to the broth.
  • Mushrooms – my personal favorite! Here are some examples.
  • Any other Chinese vegetable (locally grown). Please refer to the first two rows of this chart of Asian vegetable.
Yummy Carbs
  • Any dumplings you enjoy are a wonderful addition!
  • Our daughter’s favorites are fresh Asian noodles. We sometimes boil these in an alternate pot, so our Hot Pot broth does not get too starchy.
  • Thinly sliced meats according to your preference – beef, chicken, lamb, and pork are all delicious. Thin pre-sliced meats are often found sold in the freezer section of your local Asian market. The thin slices cook quickly, as seen in the photo below…
  • Your imagination is the limit! We sometimes include fish.
Specialty Foods
  • A variety of round shaped balls are sold at Asian food markets specifically for Hot Pot. A multitude of varieties are available, from beef, vegetable, fish, and more. Often these are sold in packages such as these. Delicious after boiled in the hot pot… YUM!
For more information on Chinese Hot Pot click here.

Enjoying hot pot during the colder months makes winter go by faster!