Why I Loved 1917


1917 is just that: a movie based in the year of World War I. The story line for the movie is based loosely on the wartime stories of the the producer’s grandfather, Alfred Mendes. He experienced carrying messages across No Man’s Land during his time as a soldier.


The protagonist, in 1917, is a soldier who found himself in a position to help not only a friend, but also thousands of innocent men by putting his own life on the line on countless occasions. His honorable actions throughout the movie showcase the true definition of a hero.


Hope for future generations was beautifully woven into the film, and many selfless acts were beyond touching. The adults, in dire situations themselves, gave all they had to support the survival of younger generations.

Photo by R. Svinding


The true meaning of friendship is clearly portrayed throughout the entire film. Despite many opportunities to bail, Lance Corporal Schofield, played by George MacKay, kept his word and attempted to carry out a seemingly impossible task.


A rarity in cinema today, this wartime movie seemed agenda free. It was refreshing to watch a story which didn’t emphasize Hollywood’s slant on sex, gender, nor politics. Two thumbs up for 1917!

Photo by A. Prakash

I was sitting on the edge of my seat throughout the movie.