A Current Family Favorite Game


The game consists of 2 decks of playing cards and 63 quest cards (the rulebook calls these “program cards”, but at our house they have turned into “Quests”).

How to Win

Multiple rounds are played and the first player to win 7 “Quests” wins the game!

How to Play

a) Work on your Quest

Each player is dealt 13 playing cards and 1 “quest” card. Players try to complete their “quest” AND rid of all their cards before the other players.

With the deck in the middle of the table and one card facing-up, on their turn, a player decides whether to take the face-up card or the face-down card. Then, always keeping only 13 cards in hand, one card must be discarded that doesn’t help their “quest”. This card is discarded onto the face-up pile.

b) Work on getting rid of the rest of your cards

Once a player has finished their “Quest” (displaying it face-up along with their “quest” card for verification by all the players), the player is allowed to collect 3 or more of a kinds to rid of the rest of their hand. Once three or more of a kinds are collected, they can be placed down on the table as well. Any player who has finished their quest, may develop their own 3+ of a kind to place down on the table AND add to other people’s as well.

How a Round Ends

A round does not end with the first person completing a “Quest”.

The round ends when A player rids of all their cards or when ALL players have finished their quests – whichever comes first. Only the players who have finished their quest at the end of the round get 1 point.

The Quests (Programs)

Everybody’s Quests are different – some easier, some harder, some near impossible. “Quests” vary from collecting straights, 3 or more of-a-kind, straight flushes, and combinations of these. Thankfully jokers and 2s are wild cards!

Examples of Completed Quests


Children and adults will all enjoy playing the game together. It’s lots of fun!